about goe

alien paradeInfected with Goa around the 1999, Lukas Keller started to produce passionately fullon psychedelic-trance under the pseudonym GOE. In summer 2003 the talented Swiss artist performed his first live act - Since then, he pushes the party-people with his uplifting sounds. 2006 he presented his debut album “psychedelic perspectives” followed by his album “Jupiter beach” in 2007 and “alien breeze” in 2009.
Twisted melodies and groaning Acids shape GOE's earlier compositions. Over the years his music became more trancy and trendy to finally get harder, nastier and more diversified with his latest release. Yet his music maintains its characteristic propelling and direct style.
Lukas loves his musical activity as artistic diversion to the everyday life. Skilfully he combines his classical instrumental education with the synthetical sound production to generate harmonious arrangements and to program subtle sounds. The high-standing result convinces by a fresh and sophisticated interpretation of Psytrance.