about goe's website

lukas kann es nicht lassen, ab und zu die website komplett zu überarbeiten. unten findest du die entwicklung der goepage.

goepage 2009

the actual website. a fresh alien look - ready for the summer 2009 with a brandnew album! .... and no more flash-pages

goepage 2008

fresh ideas - fresh look: im happy to present my upgraded webpage. of course its still green, but with a lighter touch.


goepage 2007

website- still very limegreen - completly programmed in flash for graphical brilliance an more interaction possibilities. most of data are saved in databases accessed via php-scripts.


please visite this page to take a look.

goepage 2006

with the first album-release the website became a fresher look. the website is programmed mainly in php for enhanced database-interaction.


please visite this page to take a look.

goepage 2003

a complete new apearance: green is born! a graphical highlight is the entire webpage reflecting in the seewater at the bottom. the website is programmed mainly in html with php scripts. the waves are a java-applet.


goepage 2002

second website

goepage 2001

no pix available. first tryouts