added recorded liveacts


we have added 2 liveacts for free download in our music-download-section. the liveacts are recorded in march 2007 and april 2009 respectively.

please download them here


out now - adrenaline rush (EP)


GOE - adrenaline rush (EP 2010)we are happy to announcy the next release adrenaline rush (EP)

Please find more informations here


back with brandnew tracks and new videoclip


latest tracks added to the music section and video clip (by Papa Heavy Psy)


cooperation with nocturnum


GOE has joined the nocturnum crew. nocturnum is a fresh and new party-label from switzerland. please see for more informations


old tracks added (1999-2003)


i have added most of my old tracks from 1999-2003 for your free download. please feel free to take a listen in the music-section


new album out now


new album alien breezewe are happy to present our new album "alien breeze", available now at your psy-store - further infos you will find here

A fresh and strong breeze blows from Switzerland – not faster than earlier, but much more intense. It begins stormy with plenty of energy followed by unresting winds which finally calm down to a nostalgic breeze towards end of the album...




we have uploaded some tutorials about making psytrance, specifically about mastering, kicks and basslines in logic


new website


new album - new website ... with a fresh green alien breeze. we are happy to present this brand-new webpage and to announce our upcoming album! click here for the album previes


enhanced music player


big work but small effect - anyway now you find a complete new musicplayer in the website




fresh ideas - fresh look: im happy to present my upgraded webpage. of course its still green, but with a lighter touch


old tracks added


i have uploaded loads of my old-school tracks from 1999 to 2000 to the download-section, musicstyle: almost melodic goa-trance


fresh tracks


im happy to announce my updated music-area: now you find here my freshest and latest tracks


website redesign


im glad to announce my redesigned website - no big color-changes, the site is still green, lime-green, my favorite color - but huge graphical and technological changes. so far, the page is scripted in flash on the basis of xml and php to increase multimediality, user interaction and graphical brilliance. However, a flashy brain-challenge for me because its my first work with flash aside from the tiny album-trailer


album release: Jupiter Beach


yeah, my album is out right now:-) so i cite the press release from psychedelic system:
We are excited to present GOE's second album 'Jupiter Beach' Ð nastier and deeper than his first release, but full-on naturally. Nobody really knows how psytrance-parties on the Jupiter sound Ð but GOE's concept of it promises maximum dance factor.
After a blood pumping beginning, he powerfully turns it up, then more melodious and finally closes the CD with the sure to be hit Track 'la Rotta' - a remix of a Venetian arabesque from the 13th century.
A deep powerfull bass with sophisticated melodies and diversified arrangements shape GOE's unmistakable pushy tracks. Although his album is well thought out and produced at a high technical level, it never seems sterile, because GOE's pleasure in music is experienced physically and emotionally in each sound


launch of goe's myspace


now im connected:-) im happy to present my own myspace profile:-). please visit