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Adrenaline Rush (EP (Album))

2010-09-21 | more infos

We are happy to announce the upcoming release adrenaline rush with some brandnew tracks from GOE.


Kubensia Vol 2 (Compilation)

2010-05-01 | more infos

This compilation was designed to lift your senses to high skies. Musical adventures from different parts of the world come together and create an intense awakening of the vital vibes. Rhythm and sounds to bounce your body as you dance to the grooves of this spectacular selection of rising names and more veteran producers as they connect their mind and soul in their studios to bring to light a special and unique journey.


Psychic Chakra III - Dreaming (Compilation)

2010-04-01 | more infos

This dynamic meditation is packed with so many chakra swirling keys to inner joy and effortless abundance are bound to cause spontaneous evolutions throughout your Meta Body. Part III begins with a fresh hit from Tetuna, our French prodigy of uplifting melodic psy with Seeds of pure bliss. Kinesis (France) ensures we are Dreaming when the Phoenix Family (USA) provides their Dream Stars, other wise known as our Reactive (Rissia) Alter Egos. Polypheme (France) insists that with this amazing dream technology at our fingertips, No One Needs a Drug! Random (USA) and Virtual Light (Canada) combine forces to become Random Light and bring us to a new level on the Thought Elevator. After this we Micro Scan our minds and then we no longer need Audio Devices since we can telepathically project music directly into the parties collective consciousness. Carefully guiding us through this active meditation, Biokinetix (France) provides us with an Incredible Experience. Flying through our minds eye our inner Frost Raven (USA) beckons us towards the Deka, or 10th gate. When we arrive through this dimensional portal, Goe (Sweden) shows us the wonders of the Andromeda galaxy. Here we are treated to a the final stage of our cosmic journey where Echotek and Solar System (both from Israel) bring us Up n Down our chakras to return us to our bodies.


Cosmo Sounds Volume 01 (Compilation)

2009-09-01 | more infos

Tripy and Mindstorm combine forces to deliver a unique and well balanced perfect selection for the summer season. 11 Strong tracks from the leaders of the underground sound will keep you dancing from sunset to sunrise. Enjoy this pure pleasure collection chosen by two dedicated party specialists.


Goa Trip Vol 2 (2CD) (Compilation)

2009-06-01 | more infos

Goa Trip Vol. 2 continues this hit series with 22 unforgettable tracks that will be making you scream for more. This cross section of the planets best masters and new wizards Goa Trance and Progressive Psychedelic Fullon producers offers a real world glimpse into the magic and mystery that is felt each weekend at secret parties around the planet held on beaches, forests, mountain tops, deserts and indoors at warehouses, yoga/dance studios, and living rooms.


alien breeze (Album)

2008-12-31 | more infos

fresh breeze? - swiss breeze! - alien breeze... we are happy to announce goes third album release, coming up this year with 10 massive kick-ass dancefloor tracks


Enertoptia: Divine (Remix)

2008-10-01 | more infos

Enertopia presents his 3rd Full Length Artist album as a smashing collaborative production featuring several top trance artists in the mix including A.P.E., Zion, Goe and more! Emiliano aka Moti fuses together the best of todays latest inovations in psychedelic music thickly layered with the emotional and epic trance styles from his early roots in the pioneering era of goa trance.


Jupiter Beach (Album)

2007-10-10 | more infos

We are excited to present GOE s second album Jupiter Beach ? nastier and deeper than his first release, but full-on naturally. Nobody really knows how psytrance-parties on the Jupiter sound ? but GOE s concept of it promises maximum dance factor. After a blood pumping beginning, he powerfully turns it up, then more melodious and finally closes the CD with the sure to be hit Track la Rotta - a remix of a Venetian arabesque from the 13th century. A deep powerfull bass with sophisticated melodies and diversified arrangements shape GOE s unmistakable pushy tracks. Although his album is well thought out and produced at a high technical level, it never seems sterile, because GOE s pleasure in music is experienced physically and emotionally in each sound.


Psychedelic Perspectives (Album)

2006-10-23 | more infos

Fresh Breeze? ? Swiss Breeze! [ from psychedelic system rec ] Mit dem passenden Werbeslogan weht ausgerechnet aus der Schweiz frischer, kr?ftig aufgedrehter Wind in die Fullon-Szene. Hinter dem eher ruhig wirkenden Cover in Neongr?n verbergen sich 8 solid produzierte, abwechslungsreiche und pushende Tracks zwischen flotten 144 und 146 bpm. Mit knackigen und pr?senten Beats, poppigen Vocals und unverkennbaren Melodien gelingt GOE aka Lukas Keller ein spannendes und hitverd?chtiges Debut-Album ? ein Must f?r jeden Liebhaber des aufgedrehten und pr?senten FullOns. Mit solchem Sound freuen wir uns nat?rlich riesig auf die kommende Wintersaison. press... [ from Mushroom magazine, #136 october 2006] A warmly welcomed Fullon surprise from Switzerland. Here with his debut album, GOE aka Lukas Keller provides us with crisp pounding beats and the deep dark kicking basses just as we love them. Nor has he forgotten to add some wonderful samples like chilling vocals and several other ear-worm melodies. All this at a rocking 144 to 146 bpm. Defenitely an album that makes me look forward to the indoor parties over the winter season distribution ask your local dealer iTunes (europe exklusive distribution) more infos on


Compilation by DMT (Compilation)

2006-10-01 | more infos

Compilation including Delirious, Electro Sun, System Nipel, GOE, Goma, Liquid Sunshine, Sensual Squeek


Mind Octav (Compilation)

2006-04-01 | more infos

Compilation including Protonica, Flip-Flop, Snikers, Kybalion, GOE, Terance spencer, Alphaspark, Izga, Everything is Possible press... [ from Mushroom magazine, #132 june 2006] This Compilation from Mida Records in Austria is full of some right dark Psy, particulary Full-on. The first one to really listen out for is track 5, GOE builds his track up with singing and then drives some groovy acid lines through it after the break. Howewer thats the only real recommendation as after then it gets duller and darker, I felt the kick was sadly lacking there.


Knocking on Wood (Compilation)

2004-06-01 | more infos

Second Compilation from Woodroom 1. Thujon - Energy of the Sun (7:33) 2. Goma - Layla (7:33) 3. Silent Sphere - Illumina (6:54) 4. Genetic Noise - Electro Body (8:32) 5. D.E.X - Genetic What? (8:08) 6. Dancing Devil - Mutation (7:03) 7. Orgon Flow - Metro (7:23) 8. Psy and Bass - The Ring (8:08) 9. Goe - Energy (8:14)


Dance with Shiva (Compilation)

2001-01-01 | more infos

Compilation including Pharao Nachtschicht, Goefly 3000 (GOE), Vulture, Sanuk, Tara-In Project, DJ Mangan, Mana, Beyound Third Spring, Morpheus